Adopting a Plant Based Diet


Now is a great time to experience for yourself the amazing benefits that eating whole, plant based foods can have on your physical, mental and emotional well being. 


Visit where you will find lots of information on the latest research regarding the benefits of eating plant foods.



If you do not follow a plant based approach why not take the challenge and try it for a week.


 Introduce more  whole grains such as rice, quinoa, buckwheat or millet into your diet next week. 

Add in plenty of fresh vegetables, even ones you haven't used before along with any of the huge array of beans and lentils available


For a wonderful example of how to put a healthy recipe together see our "Black Bean, Quinoa and Sweet Potato Chilli" recipe on the Recipes Page or watch the video on the Blog Page on how to make a "White Bean/Sweet Potato Hummus Dip"



An increasing amount of research is showing the amazing beneftis of eating a whole plant based diet.



For personal health and well being

For a healthier environment and climate

For a world without animal abuse

For more food for everyone



Personal Health:

 -Diabetes, heart disease, obeisity, cancer and arthritis are all on the increase

-Modern medicine is all but at a loss as how to deal with them

-Research is showing that a plant based diet can help to reverse and prevent many of these diseases


Climate and Environment:

-The rearing of animals for human food consumption is responsible for roughly 18% of all greenhouse gases.  This is more than the entire transort sector put together

-The animal production industry is responsible for water pollution and excess water use

-The so called meat industry is responsible for significant levels of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, harmful gases linked to global warming

-Animal production is responisble for the destruction of much of the earth's rainforests and for the creation of desert conditions


Animal Abuse:

-Millions of animals live lives of abuse and suffering before being killed and turned into food for humans. 

-The scale of this abuse and suffering is off the chart and is relentless.  And absolutely NONE of it is necessary.

-All these animals are feeling, sentient creatures

- If we claim to be a compassionate people how can we continue to inflict such abuse and suffering on them


World Hunger:

-Half the world's grain harvest is fed to animals who are then killed for human food or to produce so called milk for human consumption

-It takes 8 kgs of grain to produce 1kg of cow meat

-It makes much more ecnomic and ethical sense for people to consume the grains and plants directly

-"to maximise food production it is best to be vegan" Health Editor of The Independent


For all these reasons, why not start the change today? 

Plant Based Living


Plant Based Living: Tel : 07982 207558


Plant Based Living is run by John McKeever.

John has been a plant based and vegan advocate for over 30 years and is a graduate of the Stonebridge College Level Three Practitioner course in Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition. 


He is also part of the team bringing plant based

cookery classes into schools and colleges on behalf of Animal Aid.




"The worst foods for calcium balance are those high in protein and low in calcium such as meat, fish and eggs." Stephen Ward, Plant Based Nutrition and Health


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